Hi beautiful soul, it's so good to see you here!



Just like me, you are connected with your inner source of wisdom. Beyond your thinking is the place where all anwers can be found.  Just like me are you surrounded by a loving Team Spirit, your guides and Source who love to give you insight, confirmation, clearness & encouragement and healing. Sometimes it kan be hard to connect with that loving part of you, your inner being. It's always more difficult to understand your own situation  when your thoughts, emotions, expectations and beliefs are in the way. 

Insight in your emotions, patterns, feelings, recurring behaviour, situation or relationships or any other subject you would like to look at from a different perspective.

I would love to help you or your child to recieve this insight from Spirit and Soul for you. I can make contact on a Soul level and write everything down for you that I recieve in words, images, sound or knowing. I use my inner senses for this. Also your Spirit guides love to share what you need to know at this moment to make a fresh and loving step forward.


I write Readings. Since I can connect easily with your energy and the Spiritworld from a distance, I don't have to meet with you in person. All contact goes my email. I sent you the Reading by email as well. All I need is your name (or name of your child or loved one who passed), photo, family situation and your questions or theme of the Reading. 

I can connect with children on a soul level (Child Readings), and I also write  Parent & Child Readings, since children love to reflect or mirror our behaviour and feelings as parents. If you would like to recieve insight on your relationship I can write you a Relationship Reading for you and your partner. 

Next to my Readings I love making Soulart. My Soulart consists of Soul Drawings with message and I love making Soul Portraits and Healing Art. (Healing Drawings). I offer them in various themes and sizes and with or without a Soul Reading and explanation. 

When you miss a loved one in the Spirit World, I can make a Heaven Drawing with message. This is a beautifull way to help you move forward in your grieving process. 

For this service I also have another website calles : letter from heaven. The website is in Dutch, but I can write these letter in English as well. www.eenbriefuitdehemel.nl

Please look around at my website and feel welcome. Ask me any question in English. 



Sandra Laureys


A Reading can be for yourself.

A Reading can be for your child or for the both of you together, and or for the energy of you as a family together.

A Reading can be for your relationship.

A Reading can be for your wish to become a mother, or for the loss of your child.

A Reading can be with someone from the Spirit World, your guide.

I can also listen to people (through the energy) in a coma or to people with Altzheimer dicease or Dementia.



The cost for a Reading:  75,- euro (incl.vat).

Reading + Souldrawing (A4) 95,- euro.

Child Reading 75,- euro (incl.vat).

Heaven Reading 75,- euro (incl.vat).

Heaven Reading + Heaven Drawing (A4) 95,- euro

Relationship Reading, Parent & Child Reading, or Family Reading 95,- euro. (with Souldrawing 125,- euro)


Beewax Souldrawings

I love making beewax Souldrawings (encaustic art). Every drawing is personal and unique. Its a translation of your love and light in this moment. I love calling them Soul Drawings because I connect with your energy and Spirit within. Then I open myself up for receiving the message that comes with the drawing. It always shows you in image and color where your attention is requested. It shows you something that you may become conscious off. 


A drawing gives you an opening. Its a door to show you something that you need to see at this very moment. It can help you heal, it can support you or confirm something that was already there all along. It can be a new start of something, the encouragement that you need right now.  A drawing can help you by showing you your soulcolors, symbols and wisdom. Its loves helping you to find your way home again.

I always place an intention of light, love, empowerment and healing into the Souldrawing. For prices see the menu: 

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